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Telecom Software

Intelli offers a full set of services for telecom needs of modern Mobile and Fixed Line Operators. Our customers come from Balkans and M.E.A. market with a variety of services having been provided.

Such services include Debt Management, Back Office Automations, Asset Management, Knowledge Management, MIS & Corporate Performance Management, Benefits & Loyalty Programs, Contact Center Information, Mobile Business Solutions, Application Performance Monitoring, IT Infrastructure, Corporate Portals, Enterprise Application Integration, Web Presence / Internet Portals, Enterprise Project Management.

Customer Care

Intelli offers a set of applications for Telecom Customer Care departments starting from a well-based Knowledge Management System, coming from the strategic partnership with eGain ( as well as the in-house SynChordia Tacit Knowledge. The portfolio is also expanded to Mobile Applications and Integrated Solutions for a reliable and efficient Customer Service. Such functionalities are Email, Fax and Letter management, Live Web collaboration through chat and co-browsing.

Enterprise Content Management

Modern Telecom organizations need to do more with content than just manage and control it. They need to truly leverage its value for business advantage and ultimately profitability. In short, they need to put content to work. To make this possible, Intelli offers a complete Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Framework consisting of leading products like SynChordia BackOffice Pro, technologies and professional services like Business Process Outsourcing department that bring content to life, providing users with new ways of working with content and offering organizations the opportunity to explore new horizons for growth.

Debt Management

The most important pain for Telecom operators nowadays is to minimize and eliminate the Write-Off of their Debts. With Intelli’s SynChordia Debt Recovery application, this is easily achievable since Debt Management techniques are orchestrated via a powerful Administration Module. This module encompasses all business rules in such a way that brings more and quicker payments of debtors to the Telecom organizations. A percentage of 20% less write-offs of the biggest Telecom operator in Balkans is the proof that Intelli can be of help for every Telco that has the same pain.

Integration Services

Integration has always been part of Intelli’s offerings to its customers but mostly in Telecom organizations. Analysis, Design and Execution of big-sized projects has provided us with the experience to understand what is the exact need and how the solution can be implemented for such cases. Consulting as well as software development is part of the integration services of Intelli in Telecom operators as well.