Web Document
Management System

A web application, in which you can have online and secure role-based access to handle your documents and automate the workflow for approval and sharing of your documents.

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The Digital User Experience

Import, Index, Administer

Documents may be imported via various methods:
– Scan file from scanner
– Import through web services
– Upload directly from web application

Each document is indexed, classified and available to
authorized users whereas each document type has
different metadata and customized fields.

System supports secure user access and role-based
approach. Each user inherits the privileges of the role
that has been assigned to. Audit Tracking, History and Logging Functionalities are also available.

Search & Retrieve

The Web DMS has a powerful Search Engine which can combine multiple search criteria (search on all document metadata – indexed data or system data) and delivers the results in an exportable grid.

Each document has its own link / page with access to electronic file as well as all related metadata.

Custom Dashboard and Reports for all processed documents can be saved for each user according to his/her role

Tasks Management

Authorized users can create tasks for other users. Automatic tasks may also be created (eg for expiring documents). Approval process is multi level.

The platform supports different rules / actions based on document category / Business Unit (Financial, Legal, Marketing, etc.)

Alerts/notifications are sent automatically to authorized users. We have the ability to embed Digital Signatures on Approval process if needed. User has the ability to add comments upon Approval or Rejection.

Transform your Document Management System

Simple Web DMS solution:

  • Web-responsive application with online & mobile access at any time
  • Secure and Role-based user access managment
  • Custome Profiling & Filtering of Information

Workflow Automation

  • Handling of documents based on a digital approach
  • Automated workflow stepr ofr “one-click” approval
  • Task Management based on Business Rules, Workflows & Data Routing

Result-oriented approach:

  • Customized Quality Control features are supported
  • Advanced Reportin Mechanism with Real-time Dashboard
  • Reduction of administrational workload for employees

Integration & Security:

  • Integration with necessary sytems based on Open API
  • Option to use Digital Signatures in the approval process
  • Highly secured solution based on ISO 27001 standards

Web DMS Features

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