Debt Management & Recovery

SynChordiaTM Debt Recovery is a solution that manages, automates and controls collection & recovery processes from the early pre-collections stages to litigation management

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SynChordiaTM Debt Recovery is a next-generation debt management & recovery solution that provides telcos, financial institutions, collection agencies, credit issuers, government agencies and retail chains with an application designed for dynamic debt management strategy, according to business rules. This customer-centric solution increases productivity, raises the effectiveness of operations and responds more quickly to changing conditions.


Ability to easily respond to market trends and needs

Time to market and ability to easily integrate with existing environment

Robust operating model to define, execute and support the Collection Strategy

Process Flow


Integration layer

Reduce Overdue
Payment Days

Increase Proactive
Early Payment

Due Date Invoice Payments Through Time:

Meeting the challenges
of Debt Management

“I need to easily define my strategy”

“I need to improve my Collections
efficiency ”

“I need to improve my financial results”

“I need to reduce the cost to collect”

“I need to maintain
customer relationships”

“I need to use the
existing infrastructure”

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