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Companies that outsource business processes are often able to re engineer those processes and capture new efficiencies. Then they can reallocate resources to other important projects and leverage their investment in technology. For example, processes that are handled in a shared production environment for multiple companies generate cost savings for all companies. In most cases, high-caliber subject-matter experts are brought in to design and manage those processes, bringing with them best practices, innovation, and years of experience that most companies don’t have access to or can’t afford on their own.

With this expertise often comes increased capability as well. In addition for operating more efficiently, organizations can expand its ability to deliver new products and services to their customers. There are also the factors of scalability and scope. Companies that want to grow internationally must continuously invest in infrastructure and find talent around the world. Many outsourcing providers are already established globally and can support the growth process to run smoothly and having more resources and better qualified personnel.

BPO enables an organization to access different skill sets and expertise that they would not normally have access to. Intelli’s Business Process Outsourcing unit has skills and intellectual assets that were developed and improved for more than 15 years thus being able to offer them to your organization as well. Intelli is able to provide the relevant expertise that most companies don’t have access to or would be difficult and costly to develop in-house. Your organization will have then access to a wider array of skills.

Organizations that use Business Process Outsourcing can effectively reallocate personnel into areas that will have a positive impact for other projects. It is clear that using a BPO service can release your personnel for working on more valuable and creative tasks. BPO can help organizations become more flexible, for example by speeding up key business processes such as ordering, and increasing response time with reduced cost.

By partnering with a BPO provider, firms enable themselves to become leaner, more dynamic and more agile. Business Process Outsourcing providers allow the organizations to scale quickly in response to increased demand and/or new services/products or promotional campaigns. So, the response is quick and effective without having to worry about additional employees, overtimes, etc.

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Did you know:

An important aspect of Business Process Outsourcing is the benefit to relieve business users from some daily process management responsibilities. Traditionally, executives spend 80 percent of their time managing details, and only 20 percent on strategy. Once a process is successfully outsourced, the ratio can be reversed. Executives get more control over their most valuable asset: TIME – time to explore new revenue streams, time to accelerate other projects, and time to focus on their customers.

Traditional Operations harnesses new and innovative technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning to continually push the boundaries of today’s processes and business models.

Intelli’s vast and proven experience in Back-Office processes allows its BPO department to improve the Business Process in any organization. Even the most complicated and advanced Back-Office departments can be optimized in order to simplify their processes as well as the final deliverable to Business departments. Intelli’s Business Process Optimization services cover the need of enhancing and changing the procedures and policies in order to provide the below benefits:

Operational Cost

Minimizing Deliverable

Simplifying procedures
and policies

Ability to act easier
and quicker in changes

Reducing end-to-end

Enabling advanced
business rules

Eliminating mistakes
and failures

Increased productivity
and performance

Discuss with our experienced consultants to help you optimize your Business Processes. We will provide you with a ROI analysis and specific KPIs that can be achieved through our BPO service.

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