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Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a key offering to Intelli Group customers seeking out new ways to achieve high levels of performance while keeping costs down, and while also reducing risk, fostering increasing flexibility and transparency.

An important aspect of Business Process Outsourcing is the benefit to relieve business users from some daily process management responsibilities. Traditionally, executives spend 80 percent of their time managing details, and only 20 percent on strategy. Once a process is successfully outsourced, the ratio can be reversed. Executives get more control over their most valuable asset: TIME – time to explore new revenue streams, time to accelerate other projects, and time to focus on their customers.

At Intelli, we enable high performance for our clients’ Back-Office business operations through Business Process Outsourcing team, with engineers able to work on an exclusive basis in customers’ premises throughout their working time. Our experience and global capabilities make us among the leaders in back-office outsourcing operations.