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Analyzing and improving the Customer Journeys

At Intelli, we approach all projects from a business perspective and we try to identify and agree with our customers on a specific added value that can be measured with specific KPIs. We perform company-owned methodologies and processes which include customer journeys analysis, Business Studies, Proof-of-Concepts, Testing scenarios and Monitoring with all our customers.

Our Business Consultancy Program is continuous following the steps depicted in the diagram on the right.

Proccess of business consultancy

Digital Transformation Areas

Performance KPIs that bring value to your business derive from different areas and processes. The ones that we revolutionalize through our digital transformation services are:

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Customer Challenges to overcome…

As Intelli, being active in the digital transformation business, we have observed that many of the companies face significant difficulties to make that digital leap. As a result, we have an insider’s perspective on the biggest challenges these companies face when taking on transformation projects and, therefore we work proactively in preparing the right conditions and processes in order to overcome them.

If we want to give an overview of the major hurdles plaguing the digital transformation programs and therefore the overall customer experience management, we should point out the following main challenges:

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Organizational resistance
to change

The majority of people within an organization perceive a digital transformation as a threat to their role or identity, and, worst-case scenario, the root cause for a possible loss
of their job and family’s security.

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Lack of a clear vision for a digital customer journey

Many companies that are not succeeding simply haven’t painted a clear picture of what they need. Not having a vision is like going on a road trip without a destination. It’s always possible you could stumble into something great, but probably not.

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Ineffective leveraging of
customer data

Many organizations today have a myriad of silos systems containing various data about customer interactions, but no clear way to pull them together.

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Inflexible technology and
development processes

In many companies, the core systems were designed more than ten years ago and they probably need major refactoring in order to support effective digital execution.

Our Unique Approach

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Organizational Issues

In every project, we are trying to explore the above conditions and prepare the right processes – as part of the digital transformation project – in order to overcome these difficulties.

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We want to ensure an executive commitment and the active role of all departments that are currently involved in the existing customer journeys.

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Internal Research

Based on extensive discussion and workshops with all stakeholders, we try to point out the value for each department and individual.

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Market & Competition

In every project, we are trying to explore the above conditions and prepare the right processes – as part of the digital transformation project – in order to overcome these difficulties.

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KPIs Development

Then we determine what are the ten to fifteen key attributes and KPIs we need to monitor for a successful transformation project.

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Customized Digital
Transformation Strategy

At last and not least, we propose our technology and make the right customizations and configurations in order to design digital processes ready to generate business growth with a long term view.

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