Digital Approach: The new
Way of Customer Retention

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 The Challenge

Many enterprises realize the importance of retaining customers and building loyalty marketing efforts primarily on attracting new customers. To meet these expectations, companies must differentiate their brands through timely, targeted and tailored customer experiences based on real-time data analytics, customer loyalty and knowledge management practices. A 2% increase in customer retention has the same financial effect as a 10% in cost reduction.

 The Solution

Intelli has been very active in Digital Customer Retention solutions, having introduced a very specific framework for co-operation with large enterprises. Explore further our Digital Customer Retention Solutions

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AmplifyTM Loyalty Program

Transform and redefine the way you approach your customers and create long-lasting relationships with them.

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AmplifyTM Campaign Management

Automated execution of your campaign by selecting target groups based on business or channel criteria and dynamic tracking of the campaign’s response.

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Knowledge Management

Create, store, retrieve, transfer, and apply knowledge within your company.

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Optimize you Customer Retention
processes with Intelli Solutions for
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