Do you need to unify your clients’ contact data in a single tool?

Are multi-channel campaigns a business priority for you?

Our specialized teams can help you build a centralized infrastructure for running effective, customer-centric campaigns leveraging the full potential of your customer portfolio.

Intelli’s One-Customer Campaign Management module is ready to upgrade the techniques of your marketing seniority and increase the satisfaction of your customers via:

Single Customer View with GDPR Management

Personalized & Multichannel Communication

Targeted, Fast & Effective Campaign Planning & Execution

Continuous Monitoring Mechanism

• Clean-up & Standardization of customer data from multiple sources & systems

• Customer record enrichment with missing information or socioeconomic data

• Development of a 360 degree customer view of the portfolio

To match new customer records with the existing portfolio based on embedded unification criteria

To facilitate customer data handling in view of the GDPR guidelines, covering:

• Customer Data modification
• Customer deletion
• Consent Management.
• Real time response to customer enquiries

• Select target groups based on business or channel
• Targeting only customers that have provided their consent (as per GDPR)
• Campaign message/text editor
• Automatic SMS and email dispatches
• Dynamic Reporting & MIS (tracking campaigns’ response)

AmplifyTM Campaign Management

Unify & Manage your Contacts
based on GDPR

Create a Notification with Rich Content Editor

Review, Test & Execute your Campaign

Monitor, Measure & Improve
the Results

Quantitative Benefits

Consistent tracking of customers’ interaction with the company

Increased cross-sell ratio

Resources saving from portfolio monitoring & campaign management

 Quantitative Benefits

Enriched Customer Profile enabling more personalized communication

More efficient marketing campaigns execution

Comply the communication with your Customers according to the GDPR guidelines

Predefined templates to choose or upload new Content Rich text editor with multiple variables.

Review Look & Feel. 
Testing Functionality always available.

Ability for external lists uploading to be used for targeting campaigns.

Monitor the results of your campaign email=open, click & bounded rate, sms = delivered, undelivered.

Promo Campaign results tracking Control group mechanism.

Optimize your multi-channel marketing with Intelli’s Campaign Management for increased profitability and personalized targeting.

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