Webinar 8 July / 4 pm EEST.

Digital Customer Onboarding
in South-East Europe
is taking off!
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What has been the impact of
Covid-19 on the digital agenda of
Banks and Insurance Companies
in terms of Digital Customer
Onboarding, Customer adoption and Compliance? What will be the regulatory requirements in the post-Covid world?

South-East Europe, like much of the world, has “gone digital” as a result of the lockdowns and social-distancing measures imposed to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Banking and Insurance are among the sectors that need to overcome challenges imposed by digital transformation. How should they adapt and ensure that they comply with both existing and incoming regulations?

The speed of change is key! There is no benefit to monitoring what your customers are saying or watching them get frustrated with a particular process if you can’t change it quickly.

Intelli Group has the solution, the know-how, and the profound knowledge of the needs and opportunities existing in South-East Europe to thrive and act on signals of change.

Through this webinar, you’ll find out from industry leaders why the Covid-19 recovery will be digital and how to accelerate your organization’s digital capabilities to keep pace.

Join us to learn more about our complete Digital Customer Onboarding Solution and how we can help you take your customer onboarding …to the next level!

George Bekas

Business Development Manager – Intelli Group


17 years of experience within the IT industry, including an advisory role for a fintech company, and various Business Development & Product Marketing positions in large enterprises. His focus varies from New Technologies to Mobile Marketing in Banking and Technology

Damianos Charalampidis

Freelancing Consultancy Advisory


C-level executive with more than 20 years of experience within the Banking and Telecommunications industry. Led the digital transformation initiatives for several large financial institutions, including Alpha Bank and National Bank of Greece

With more than 15 years of experience, Intelli Group aims to develop complete products and solutions by using technologies such as AI and Machine learning to help companies grow and innovate. Such a solution, that enables customers to improve their customer interactions, better, faster and more efficiently is idbox™ a fully digital approach, which aims to deliver quick service activation, identity verification, and customer engagement while ensuring fast customer onboarding. In addition to this, it benefits from effective compliance with KYC regulations through end-to-end automation.

Among its available features, idbox™ offers:

  • E-signature
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
  • Real-time customer verification & validation
  • Video Conferencing and Biometric Solutions
  • Specialized Customer Service using Slavic language and processing EU IDs and documents including also Cyrillic characters.