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 The Challenge

Revenue assurance includes all the activities performed within a large organization in order to ensure the collection of revenue. The management of debts and debtors constitutes “headache” for many companies. The economic elements as well as the demographic elements of debtors change daily and the right management impose the use of completed informative system. The volume of information is increased, the particularity of each case requires different confrontation and this methodical confrontation of problem is judged one way road.

Collections systems, that is to say the systems of recording and management of debtors aim so much either in the organization of processes of follow-up, or in the facility of approach of debtors and the exercise of “pressure” for the settlement of their debts.

 The Solution

As Intelli, our approach is to analyze and record categorize the debtors behavior, in teams of concrete criteria aiming mainly at the execution of proactive activities as well as simple but effective follow-up in the passage of time. Explore further our Digital Customer Retention Solutions

financial report

SynchordiaTM Debt Management & Recovery

An application for dynamic debt management strategies based on specific business rules. 

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credit report and score

SynChordiaTM Credit Scoring

With our Credit Scoring System you can evaluate the credibility of your customers, and with the usage of advanced algorithms, predict the risk of debt creation. The system evaluates all the recent data and classifies all the customers in terms of their credit reliability.

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jury hammer

SynChordiaTM Legal Monitoring

With our legal management system, you have the opportunity to monitor all the legal actions of your company’s cases. You can assign directly to any law firm your various cases and handle all the intermediate and conclusive steps of your case.

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