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Intelli designs, develops, and markets integrated e-business, CRM (Operational CRM, Debt Collections, Contact Center Management), Business Intelligence (KPIs, Scorecard and Balances Scorecard solutions), Enterprise Content Management (document analysis, digitization, character recognition, EAI) and Mobile solutions.

These solutions combine software products produced in-house with platform of worldwide leader providers, with a range of services to meet the precise specific needs of a given business environment.

Solutions and consulting services are provided according to the basic company values and goals that summarize in expertise – high level services, innovative solutions that add value and customer and partner satisfaction at all levels.

Enterprise Content Management

Intelli offers a complete Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Framework consisting of leading products, technologies and professional services that bring content to life, providing users with new ways of working with content and offering organizations the opportunity to explore new horizons for growth.

Mobile Applications

Intelli has been providing mobile applications as part of its portfolio over the last years. We use either vertical or hybrid tools in order to generate apps compatible to the most famous Mobile Operating Systems (Android, iOS and Windows Phone). Our native mobile apps offer the full set of capabilities such as notifications, alerts, google-map integration and are associated with the respective markets.

BI & Corporate Performance Management

Intelli has acquired tremendous experience in the area of Corporate Performance Management, while this fact led to the creation of hundreds of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a number of industries.

Line of Business Software

Intelli Enterprise Solutions Division employees a team of highly qualified application development consultants who deliver robust business solutions according to exact customer needs using the latest technologies in application development.