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SynChordia Tacit Knowledge

For customer-oriented Organizations that need a unified way to handle the multichannel customer requests, SynChordia, Tacit Knowledge provides end-user customer communities with an effective way to identify and solve an increasing percentage of requests in many industries. Moreover, it offers simple and convenient ways for internal users to organize, share and access knowledge through a multi-channel approach. Intelli’ s experience & expertise in the area of Knowledge Management (KM) can further assist Organizations to build knowledge out of information that is managed or contained. Our consultants can drive your Organization to build and effectively apply a KM strategy in order to create, store, retrieve, transfer, and apply knowledge.

Tacit Knowledge features a wide range of capabilities in order to maintain a central repository of information that is well structured and employs a variety of effective and easy to use search tools that users can use to find answers to various questions quickly.

Tacit Knowledge uses Microsoft SharePoint as the back end for knowledge management, and utilizes Intelli developed components for knowledge management, classification, discovery, browsing and navigation