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SynChordia Loan Lifecycle Management

SynChordia Loan Lifecycle Management is a complete Loan folder/task management software solution delivering a variety of functionalities and wide range of tools to cover any need of the loan management industry. The powerful operational segmentation tool and the rigorous establishment of a variety of business rules executes the strategic requirements of the business, automates all the appropriate processes and uses the most effective communications techniques and channels to guarantee the elimination of delays in processes/management of customer’s loan folders, at the lowest cost.

This advanced and integrated solution aims to replace the existing excel-based process of the Customer’s documentation (Loans, insurance, mortgages, etc.) arrived at Bank’s Back-office team with SynChordia LLM Platform providing more accurate results in less time with significant lower operational costs.

Loan Lifecycle Management features a wide range of capabilities in order to manage customers’ loan folders/task effectively and employs a variety of integrated and easy to use functionalities