Intelli Solutions | Top Services Company!

Top Services Company!

Intelli Solutions S.A. is recognized with a honorably award as Top Professional Services Company (for 2nd year in a raw) by the Association of Diplomatic Economic & Commercial Affairs ( of the Greek Ministry of Exterior for delivering high-quality leading services to more than 200 large enterprises!

During the last decade the company was evolved in a business group with its own integrated software platform and active presence in many countries of South East Europe, Middle East and Africa, having adopted an organizational structure as well as a software production model fully compliant with the international standards.


Intelli initiated its business activity in 2005, focused mainly on providing software solutions and professional services, adopting also a strategic business plan of extending its business internationally. Despite the challenging economic conditions, today the company has an active presence in the markets of Southeastern Europe with five subsidiaries trying to fully respond to the each market needs and expectations. Additionally, the company has developed a well-organized partner’s network covering the geographical area of the Middle East and Africa.

Penetration into new markets is implemented through Software Products mainly included in the SynChordia Business Suite, the core software platform developed by the company addressing mainly the Telecommunications and Financial business sectors. In addition to the development of its software, the company represents leading software vendors covering the entire geographical area of its activity.

Regarding the overall business progress, the company’s management said that year 2015 is a reference year, since the group – in difficult financial conditions – managed to achieve a significant increase in all economic indicators, having notably a substantial contribution from the group subsidiaries.

For the coming years, the main strategy remains the business extension in international markets as well as the continuous enhancement of the company’s software platform thus providing value and increasing the end customer’s competitive advantage.